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Juan's Tree Service, LLC
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We are providing our costumers with high quality, 100% organic mulch. We are processing red, brown, black, natural, and gold mulch from hardwood and cedar. Mulched gardens and flower beds are healthier, more weed resistant, and retain moisture more efficiently. Our organic mulch consists of formerly living material such as chopped leaves.  

We also have top soil, and compost. 

We offer DELIVERY with the purchase of 5 yards or more!
6500 Grand Ave.
Fort Smith, AR

Black Mulch

Gold Mulch

Here's how to calculate how much mulch you need:

• Figure out the square footage of your bed (width x length for square or rectangular shapes)
• Multiply your square footage by the depth desired (in inches)
• Divide by 324. This will tell you how many cubic yards you will need.

Example calculation for a rectangular area 6' x 90' to be covered with 2" of mulch:
1) 6' x 90' = 540 sq ft
2) 540' x 2 = 1080 sq ft.
3) 1080 ÷ 324 = 3 & 1/2 cubic yards

Cedar Mulch
Red Mulch 

Dark Brown Mulch